Friday, November 14, 2014

Voxer Scavenger Hunt

Post a picture of something that makes you happy. 1-3pts.

Text a haiku of a day in the life of a teacher. 1-3pts.

Leave a voice message of you either singing a children's song or saying a nursery rhyme. 3-5 pts.

Add everyone in the group as a contact. Start a new chat with me and at least one other person. Name the chat what our criminal gang would be called. 5-7 pts.

Drop a link to the website you are secretly addicted to (unless you are Tina, in which case nobody wants to see that, drop us a link to some cute greyhounds). 2 pts.

Listen to a voice message at 2X speed, 3X speed, and 4X speed. Write a three word or less description of their voice at each speed. 3-5 pts. An extra 2 pts. if you give them a funny munchkin name.

Search for and add the contact with the name ihulk6028. Send them your best pick up line. They will give you a score of up to 10 pts. and report them to me.

The scavenger hunt will end on Monday at noon. I will determine the winner and it will be announced on the afternoon announcements. The winner will get the illustrious title of Voxer Queen and a $10 AMAZON GIFT CARD!!! Play and have fun.

Rules: You may ask anyone except me for help, including each other.

This contest is over. Please stop bugging me.